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Home Laser Hair Removal
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"Really?" you might say. And I might agree. We hear again, and again, and again in media about how important it is to choose the right clinic when you go for laser hair removal, and how important it is that you choose someone with extensive training, how you have to find someone who has experience with your skin type and hair type, etc. Yet now you can buy your very own laser hair removal device and perform your very own procedure at home.

Home Laser Hair Removal Devices
In the USA there are only a small handful of devices for sale that lets you remove hair with laser at home. The FDA has been reluctant to approve home lasers, and with good reason, but has found a couple of products safe enough to satisfy. One of them is the TRIA laser system. We are just emerging from the age when you had to have fair skin and dark hair in order to qualify as a laser candidate. Finally we have reached the time that dark hair and skin is not necessarily a deterrent for getting your hair permanently removed. With the introduction of Home Laser Hair Removal, we have one foot in the future and one in the past: you may remove your own hair with a laser at home, but you have to fit into the fair skin/dark hair mold.

Home Laser Hair Removal vs. Professional Laser
When you go to a clinic to have laser hair removal done, the technicians are trained professionals who know how to operate the machinery, to evaluate your skin, to check the density of your hair, and to choose the settings on the machinery accordingly. They know the signs of when to stop and when it is safe to keep going. To keep Home Laser Hair Removal safe in an untrained person`s hand, the devices that are available have checks and balances; the machine will not work if your skin is too dark; it will buzz if you operate it incorrectly, and it has multiple ways for you to know if it is safe to perform the procedure on yourself.

In a few years we might chuckle that getting a laser device was such a big deal, and we might joke about how only certain people could use it. But for now, stick to the instructions, be careful when you operate it. There is a reason why clinics have strict guidelines and well trained professionals. Don`t burn yourself, scar yourself or otherwise cause yourself harm just to get rid of a few hairs. If you have the money to pay a professional; do so, and if you don`t and insist on doing Home Laser Hair Removal, be cautious, and let us know how it went!

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Atalie Johanson
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