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5 Top Fish Oil Benefits
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In magazines, newspapers, on the radio, television and the internet you hear there are real benefits to fish oil, but have you ever wondered just what those benefits are?

Science has come to believe the primary cause of all major disease is inflammation. Be it Heart disease, Cancer, Alzheimer`s, Arthritis or any other chronic disease. The search is under way for a method to reduce inflammation in the human body, as a means to prevent and treat these diseases.

Well, the number one non-medical treatment for doing this is omega-3 fish oil.
So what are the fish oil benefits?

Heart health -- Omega 3 fish oil is known to reduce high levels of triglycerides in blood and reduce inflammation in the arterial system and the heart muscle itself.

Brain health -- A lack of these oils is linked to Depression, Alzheimer`s and Dementia.

Arthritis -- Is severe inflammation of the joints - omega 3s are an outstanding anti-inflammatory and really help.

Bowel Disease -- Is a result of severe and prolonged inflammation and the oil from fish helps a great deal.

Pregnant Women -- Clinical testing has proven beyond a reasonable doubt (to quote and off cited legal term) the absolute necessity for omega 3 oils for a developing fetus. Especially in regard to brain development!

The most potent omega-3s come from fish. It is the omega 3 that does the best job of reducing inflammation in the body and improving brain function as well.

All this can sound a little scary--the idea of eating fish each and every day. The fish oil part sounds great but what about all those warnings about eating too much fish, especially for pregnant women and small children? It is a reasonable and legitimate concern.

What if you are one of those, who really doesn`t like eating fish at all? What about you?
Did you know there is omega 3 fish oil available as a supplement? I know you know this! But did you know that this supplement has been tested for toxins and purified with a system--known as "Molecular distillation". Which is able to reduce any and all toxins to "Undetectable Levels".

Use of this purification process makes absolutely sure the oil is safe.

Here`s the problem--not every fish oil maker uses this method to ensure the safety and quality of their product! Not every manufacturer is concerned where their oil comes from! The rich fishing grounds of the north sea are heavily polluted with industrial waste and subsequently many of the fish harvested there are polluted as well?

What part of the fish was used to make up the oil - internal organs like the liver? (This is a real NO NO) or is it made from only the safest parts of the fish--the flesh and skin?
Finding a manufacturer that takes these steps and still presents omega-3 fish oil at a reasonable price can be challenge but they are out there! They do exist.

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Terry Johnston
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Terry Johnston is a free-lance writer and entrepreneur. His Web site " Natural Omega 3 Supplement " has in depth information about the value and quality of Omega 3 fish oil. He scours the internet for information all the time. Visit Terry`s Web Site ==>Natural Omega 3 Supplement TODAY!  
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