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By : Boice
Acupuncture has been practiced for thousands of years and has a rich, colorful history. I began my journey from a career in engineering to a career in acupuncture by asking the simple question, "How does acupuncture work?" When I first explored that question many years ago, I had no idea that I was setting in motion a series of events that would lead me down a path of growth and self-discovery, and change my life so significantly.
By : Josephine
In this interview, you will get answers on how acupuncture works to reduce wrinkles, how to use acupuncture for the maximum benefits, and if this is an effective and safe natural alternative. Discover what Nancy Winlove Smith, Cosmetic Acupuncture, has to say on this subject.
By : Lynn Jaffee
You’re in pain and you’ve tried everything. You’ve heard acupuncture can help, but your insurance doesn’t cover it. Do you think you can’t afford acupuncture treatments? Read on!
By : Peter
Physical pain is incredibly common in our society, although its presentation can vary dramatically from one person to the next. There are many different approaches to relieving pain, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Increasingly however, people are considering more natural approaches to pain relief. Acupuncture is one such option which can be helpful for a variety of painful conditions.
By : Lawrence Ocampo
A very modern scientific advancement has been merged with an old-fashioned kind of Chinese medicine at a Reproductive Medicine & Fertility Center somewhere in the United States. Merging In-Vitro Fertilization with acupuncture appears to pay off for couples desiring to give birth to a baby, says a reproductive endocrinologist and medical director of the center.
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By : Joyce Marley
Whether you have actually been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome or you just had one too many cups of coffee on a road trip, most of us have been in the dire situation of needing a restroom fast! Acupressure applied to an acupuncture point on the arm will give you the fifteen minutes you may need to get you there.
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