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By : Yogesh Giri
Progress in the field of plant odontology has brought in welcoming changes in the stereotypical procedures of dentistry, which the dentists used to grow previously in the handling or surgery of their patients with plain dental problems. With the arrival of esthetic medicine and sleep dentistry, a lot of hurdling in the property of dental tutelage & discourse possess been defeat.
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By : Yogesh Giri
Oftentimes, we get good jokes and laughter because of false teeth or dentures. You may have come across a story about false teeth or watched some cartoons that show how funny it is when the false teeth accidentally slides out of a person’s mouth
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By : Dr. Eisenhuth
St. Paul invisible braces expert Dr. Jennifer Eisenhuth took a panoramic X-ray of a 12-year-old female patient’s teeth as part of a routine check-up prior to initiating orthodontic treatment and detected an aggressive dentigerous cyst that had gone undetected by the patient’s family dentist.
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By : Travis Pease
You can find an excellent general dentist in Columbia, S.C.! Columbia is the capital of South Carolina, and has a population of almost 800,000, in the metropolitan area
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By : Loretta John
Pediatric dentistry is one of the most challenging forms of dentistry. It requires that a dentist be more than just a technical,
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By : Pahlbod Tehranian
Hollywood stars know the power of a beautiful smile - Cheryl Cole and Scarlett Johansson are considered two of the most attractive women in the world and both have stunning, show-stopping smiles.
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