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By : Sir Jackson
There are three natural ingredients to help combat joint pain and the pain caused by arthritis. Glucosamine, Devil`s Claw and Boswellia are able to both reduce pain and inflammation within the joints without the side effects of anti-inflammatory drugs. There are products on the market today which have been rigourously tested and have been proven to treat arthritis and joint pain naturally and effectively
By : Dirk Kanc
Cited in the New York Times July 11, 2002, Arthroscopic surgery on the knee for the symptoms of pain and stiffness due to osteoarthritis is performed on at least 225,000 middle-aged and older Americans each year at a cost of more than a billion dollars to Medicare, the Department of Veterans Affairs and private insurers.
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By : Mary Bodel
After suffering your first attack of gout, you`re going to want to have a long talk with your doctor about avoiding repeat episodes. Here are three important questions that you should put on your list when you go for a checkup.
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By : Vicky Watts
Gout has been around for centuries and it has somehow plagued the lives of the millions of people around the globe but it mysteries are not totally unfolded yet. What we know about the critical disease are the causes and the symptoms.
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By : Neil Colin
Have you experienced pain from your knees while walking long distances? Do you easily get tired from walking? Do you get a painful feeling if you try to move, or just bend your knees?
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By : Vicky Watts
Gout is sort of arthritis which cause the pain, the swelling and the redness and warmness in the affected parts. It is a type of metabolic arthritis which is reported as the most frequent disease in the history of the world. The prevention of the disease means to prevent the further development of the gout attacks rand to ensure relieve of the pain.
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