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By : Jordan Poole
Asbestos was once commonly used in numerous industries, such as construction, that can cause cancer. The practice of using this material actually began in the early 1900s. Battle ships, boats and buildings, among other things, were constructed with the use of asbestos.
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By : Clinton Cerejo
Lung cancer is the most killer disease which has affected millions of people around the world. Cells grow abnormally and produces tumor which may be benign or malignant, however malignant cells gives cancer cells
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By : vivek
Trees are the basic unit of life that provide life to us and help us and as well as to nature to maintain the balance our ecosystem. Plants are like human being also are the living organism, belongs to the vegetal kingdom that can grow on land as well as in water.
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By : Caren
Lip cancer recurrence is a condition or health concern wherein the malignant tumor-cells show a tendency to regrow and damage tissues present in previously treated or other areas of body of a victim of lip cancer.
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By : Bookmydoctor
Hearing Cancer is known as one of the deadly diseases. The complete knowledge of any disease and its treatments process can make you feel normal physically and mentally.
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By : Alley JAmes
Risk factors of breast cancer are something that put women at higher risk of developing breast cancer so women must be learnt about them not only if a woman in their family or surroundings is attacked by it, but in all cases because women are at life time risk of being attacked by breast cancer.
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