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By : Diana Dickert
Below are five liquids that do not mix well with people’s teeth. They have lots of ingredients that can be harmful to consume even if not intended.
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By : Oswald Mckisson
Having good oral health does not mean that everything only looks good from a physical standpoint. Good oral health affects overall health as well as in boosting self esteem.
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By : Kathy Frederickson
Caring for your oral health is important to stay healthy and beautiful. How much you care for your teeth and gums indicates your discipline and regard for cleanliness. If you neglect proper oral hygiene, your oral health, appearance, image, relationships, and social interactions can be affected. Here are five tips to achieve optimal oral health so you can smile at your best.
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By : Pahlbod Tehranian
Hollywood stars know the power of a beautiful smile - Cheryl Cole and Scarlett Johansson are considered two of the most attractive women in the world and both have stunning, show-stopping smiles.
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By : Pierre Cardan
Invisalign is a pair of virtually invisible dental aligners that gained acceptance in the cosmetic dental industry since it was publicly introduced in May 2000. The technology of these transparent, removable, and moldable braces was invented by Zia Chishti and Kelsey Werth in 1997 as a feasible substitute to common metal braces.
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By : Ed Mcgoldrick
A good dentist must be able to administer treatment and address the different oral health care problems of his patients. In Colorado Springs, for instance, dentists make a thorough and comprehensive oral health examination to know their patient’s dental needs.
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