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By : Simon
Like hair extensions the eyelashes extension is a method of improving the look of your eye. The eyelash extension adds fullness to your natural eyelashes which make your eyelashes longer and thicker.
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By : Glinda Cauthorne
Just like any other market, the field of cosmetology profits from frequent studies and development.
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By : Terry Bayer
Dermabrasion consists of three stages: preparation, procedure proper and recovery period.
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By : Terry Bayer
The phenomenon of plastic surgery has reached a different level and technological advancements have helped them improve more than ever.
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By : Terry Bayer
With many plastic surgeons to choose from, along with a few quacks caught in the mix, it is hard to discern who is credible and not.
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By : Jacinto Hukle
One of the most popular body-reshaping cosmetic procedures today is laser lipolysis or Smartlipo. Though it holds the same aim as that of other traditional liposuction procedures,
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