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By : Jessica Tanner
Mindfulness is all about becoming attentive and being present. In our life, we often do things on autopilot, which means that we are locked inside our own head and therefore not aware of what is taking place around us. You have most likely tried walking or taking the bus to work, school or someplace else, and do not really remember the details of how you arrived. You did not pay attention to things around you.
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By : Sumit Jain
In this agitated and disagreeable brio, there comes a reading when we all expect forcefulness and posture to turn our design and psyche. This is where the significance of eudaimonia and spa comes into state. Spa retreats stretch you full options to saved your psyche.
Spa Retreats
By : christian
Working alongside healthcare professionals to enhance the lives of people with physical injuries and chronic pain conditions
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By : amit kothiyal
While this is not a showdown of any sort, the question of difference between Pilates and yoga arises in several minds, especially when it comes to choose one among them. Read this article that describes about differences between pilates and yoga.
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By : Jessica Tanner
In today’s world it is more or less accepted to feel stressed. It is almost strange if someone is not stressed out, and it doesn’t only has a negative meaning to it, but also a indicator of being busy, important and a career person. But people should not allow this type of living, as it will destroy our health.
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By : Yoga Pranayama
Every Lady wants a healthy baby. For this, the health of the mother is also very important. Physical and mental well being of the expectant mother can ensure a healthy baby. Therefore, it is very essential that pre-natal care should include regular Yoga exercises for the pregnant mother.
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