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By : John D Andrews
Nick Dash, BSc MCOptom, a Clinical Optometrist and Consultant, shares his views on Keratoconus treatment, diagnosis and cure in UK.
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By : John D Andrews
Laser eye surgery has developed rapidly over the last 10 years and one clinic has remained in the forefront, Accuvision laser eye clinics. Not only have they helped develop the very latest and advanced laser technology, they have also developed new procedures and techniques to deliver outstanding outcomes for patients. The start of the journey for better vision is the laser eye surgery consultation. At Accuvision that is different too.
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By : John D Andrews
Keratoconus can start in teenagers, young adults and people who regularly `rub` their eyes. Specialist diagnostic equipment like a corneal topographer (an instrument that measures corneal shape and contour) not normally found in your local or high street optometrist are needed to pick up the symptoms for keratoconus in these early stages.
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By : Simon
The education requirement of an ophthalmologist starts with a preliminary medical degree study, and a specialization in ophthalmology.
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By : cemark
ITC (Institute of Testing & Certification) India is a leading company that offers complete solution of ce mark and EMC testing services including technical guidance, documentation & testing for electrical & electronic equipments.
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By : Vinati
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