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By : Instinctive Touch Leeds
I provide comprehensive, thorough, detailed treatments. My hands are highly sensitive and I am drawn to problem areas. I am intuitive in my work and my treatments are therapeutic and healing. I use my natural instinct along with guidance from my clients and we work together to perfect the treatment. I listen very carefully to what my clients want. Each treatment is individual, flowing and organic. The session evolves depending on what I find and where my client wants me to work.
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By : alfaaried
This painting is a study of a particular subject that delves into the depths of the possibilities of art that focuses on a single subject and dares to be so single minded in
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By : Tamra.Ross
Life care planning is a prediction of the medical and medically related needs and costs of an individual with a catastrophic condition for the remainder of the individual’s life.
Military Medical Malpractice
By : David Duhr
Understanding the differences between misdiagnosis and failure to diagnose is vital in preventing further illness and/or injury. If you or your family has suffered because of a misdiagnosis for failure to diagnose, you may want to consider filing a medical negligence claim. If this happened at a military hospital or VA, you may want to consider filing a military medical malpractice claim. Contact a military medical malpractice lawyer at Archuleta, Alsaffar & Higginbotham today at 1-800-798-9529 or visit for a free consultation.
misdiagnosis, failure to diagnose
By : Felix Worley
There are a lot of people who are unaware of the benefits of chiropractic treatment. They still do not know that the point of chiropractic care is to treat disorders of the spine and the musculoskeletal system.
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By : Anton Houskeeper
While some doctors rely on prescription medicines to make a patient feel better, a chiropractor uses his hands to manually try and relieve pain and stress from his patients.
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