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By : Joseph Szenasi
Now, Naturopathy or rather healing yourself naturally is the best `treatment` so as to improve your health.
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By : Amit Kothiyaal
Naturopathic Courses are today quite popular among students who are looking for a complete education in natural health and curing. Unlike traditional medicinal systems,
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By : Noel
Homeopathy has a great capacity to impact people in profound ways who experience rheumatoid arthritis.
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By : Lawrence Ocampo
A very modern scientific advancement has been merged with an old-fashioned kind of Chinese medicine at a Reproductive Medicine & Fertility Center somewhere in the United States. Merging In-Vitro Fertilization with acupuncture appears to pay off for couples desiring to give birth to a baby, says a reproductive endocrinologist and medical director of the center.
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By : Joyce Marley
Whether you have actually been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome or you just had one too many cups of coffee on a road trip, most of us have been in the dire situation of needing a restroom fast! Acupressure applied to an acupuncture point on the arm will give you the fifteen minutes you may need to get you there.
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