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By : Bruce Davis
The name for compulsive nail biting is Onychophagia. It is considered a repetitive behavior resulting in a desire to destroy your fingernails. Very important to understand is that just because you have a nail biting habit does not automatically mean you have Onychophagia. Some people who have a serious problem with nail biting have this condition, but not all. In cases of Onycophagia, the nail is usually chewed to the quick, there is usually bleeding around the nail, and bruises as well. Substitution can help in cases of true Onycophagia, but a person with this condition might need a little extra help. This condition is a form of Obsessive Compulsive disorder, or body dysmorphic disorder. This is a possibility if someone in your family has experienced symptoms or been diagnosed with either disorder. Again, it is important to understand that while repetitive behavior is seen in OCD not everyone with a repetitive behavior has the condition. Should you suspect this is a problem then finding a doctor is the next step. There are medications for OCD that include antidepressants. Research has shown that medication alone does not cure OCD and that behavior therapy is also a key factor. In the case of nail biting, behavior therapy would include substitution, and discussion with a therapist regarding methods of dealing with stress and anxiety. Lastly, you should understand that having OCD is not an excuse for continuing with the nail biting behavior. OCD is tougher to control than simply having a habitual behavior, but you can learn to control both the condition and the habit. Battling OCD is more than a matter of will power, it is a matter of understanding how your brain works, and why you have certain feelings at certain times. Millions of people have fought the problem of OCD and won. Use cupon code 24-7articles 10 and recieve $5.00 off for reading this article.
nails biting stop
By : Urle Andy
Start by using a cotton ball or pad and some nail varnish remover and lift any old nail polish off of your nails. Give the second coat a little more time to dry than you did the first one. When it is completely dry, apply the top coat and wait for it to completely set.
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By : Mehboob Talukdar
Dissimilar to numerous other nail fungus treatments marketed today, Curanail, a former prescription nail fungus treatment, now available over the counter is chemical in compound and not originated from natural or herbal ingredients.
Curanail Treatments
By : Mehboob Talukdar
Curanail is one of the best prescription products for nail fungus infections that is now available to buy over the counter. Curanail cures different types of fungi that can cause nail infections and other related conditions.
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