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By : Ravi Kumar
Naturopathy is a science and art of drugless system or Alternative therapy of healing for healthy living. Naturopathy focus on maintaining a balance between the human body and the nature.Naturopathy is an Alternative therapy and is very helpful in almost all kinds of life style related and diseases.
Alternative Therapist / Therapy
By : jhon Anderson
As yoga is a total health program it is good for all of us that is why a huge number of peoples are going for learning yoga. This fact increases the requirement of teachers and this requirement encourages people to make their career in become Yoga te
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By : Rakesh kumar
Life is full of stress, struggle, pain, sufferings and never ending competition. Taking energy drinks and tablets / tonics increase our stamina. But the results are temporary and also have side effects later. We should adopt Yoga and Naturopathy.
Naturapathic / Naturopathic medicine
By : tisamit
Yoga and Pilates are two different natural borne activities. Both are equally good and have their own methodologies and follow different approaches toward human health. Read more to know about yoga vs pilates, benefits of yoga and pilates for weight loss.
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By : john Anderson
yoga teacher training program consist of asanas, pranayama, meditation, chanting and other basic terms like mudras, bandhas and chakras. Yoga seems like a challenge for beginners but gradually it becomes easy for doing with the assist of yoga teacher.
yoga teacher training, become yoga instructor, become yoga teacher and become certified yoga teacher.
By : Roland Lindberg
Kundalini yoga is often referred to as “the yoga of awareness” because its practice can lead to expanded sensory sensitivity and enhanced intuition.
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