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By : Luna Moonfang
Bothered by the hassle of vision correction aids such as prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses, a lot of people are trying to live a life without these aids. It is a fact that these corrective devices are effective in providing vision aid, but they at the same time cause bothersome "side effects". An innovative surgery called LASIK offers a completely different solution. As a popular form of refractive eye surgery, LASIK can generate amazing results of corrected vision. Knowing both of the surgery`s advantages and disadvantages and getting a comprehensive evaluation, it is also necessary to know some details of the surgery itself.
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By : Mary Lee Scully
Our eyesight, one of our five senses, is a precious gift from God and we do not want to lose it. This visual therapy, as I call it - is a series of eye exercise to help restore your eyesight. Imagine what your world would be, if you were to lose your vision!
Visual Therapy
By : Luna Moonfang
Many people who are over forty will find that they gradually have some difficulties in reading or doing close work within arm length. In fact, these people might get presbyopia, result of aging process, which must be treated with certain vision aiding devices.
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By : Lake Lazer Eye
A cataract is a clouding that develops in the eye lens or in its envelope, varying in degree from very slight to complete opacity.
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By : swtvijay
Eye surgeries can often prove to be hazardous if the best of skills and technique is not merged. It is with the intention of helping people around the world avail better opportunity of eye surgery in India at affordable cost that SAI Medical Group is committed to and is providing yeomen services to help people achieve their objective.
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By : Hueys Planet
A trip to the beach won’t be complete without getting a tan. But before you lie down in your favorite spot, you need to give your skin maximum protection from sunburns. Sunburns are not only painful, they are also very unattractive.
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