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By : kallymoral
Global warming is caused by emissions of carbon dioxide, which trap heat so it can`t escape the atmosphere. Although cars, factories and power plants do most of the damage, the computer is at least partly to blame.
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By : Vivek Ranjan
Every individual has varied levels of understanding. Students of a particular class may have different likings and innate qualities. One may have an inclination towards drawing while the other student may enjoy reading science fictions.
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By : Sarah Wright
There are several evidences that obesity is not just any disease, but it is a serious health exposure. Absolutely, no one in this world has immunity from this disease because the main reason of this problem is our bad diet habits.
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By : How To Take Care Of The Dental Health Of Your Kids
“Mam, Shruti won’t be attending the tuitions because she went to the dentist to have her tooth extracted yesterday…” are some of the common sentences that we hear about growing children every day.
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By : Vivek Ranjan
You must be wondering who he is and what he has done for his students to have made him their role model. Well, he was a lecturer in my college. I never missed a single lecture of his in those three years.
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By : Diggy Tod
This might sound to be a strange or ridiculous thought but it is true. This is because of the fact that human begins for their own sake constantly strive to become successful or better person in life.
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