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By : nithin seo
nilayoram Resorts and Ayurvedic Centre is a synonymous of the locations, is truely a world apart. It is an oasis of the seretinty located about 34 km north of the capital Thrissur and 4 km away from kerala kalamandalam, cheruthuruthy, Ayurveda is the ancient indian way of healing it orginated in th India. Ayurveda is the ancient indian way of healing. It orginated in the kerala
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By : Melissa Barrenger
Massage is a natural therapy and a holistic treatment, which means that it treats the body, mind and spirit. Massage is a therapeutic and healing process. You can choose a firm and stimulating, deep tissue treatment, focusing on specific aches and pains or it can be a more gentle approach. Both treatments are equally effective. Massage will encourage your body’s systems to work more efficiently. Reflexology is a natural therapy and a holistic treatment. Holistic means that it treats the whole person, the body, mind and spirit. It involves working on the feet to encourage the body to heal itself. It can be effective for many conditions, particularly stress which is the scourge of modern living. There are reflex points on the feet that relate to the glands, organs and systems of the body. When worked on these reflex points are stimulated and can restore balance and harmony to the mind and body. I am registered with CThA and MAR and qualified to ITEC and AOR standards
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By : James Roy
The vacuum packaging is in zealous demand these days. With the up ontogenesis industries the status is expanding along with it. Nonetheless, the contract packaging industries acquire matured looking at the demand of the companies.
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