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By : Dr. Atta Ahmad
Lap Band System a better procedure in Weight Loss Surgery In today’s mechanical world due to unnatural life style, lack of daily walk and exercise the body becomes gigantic and looks awkward and gains abnormally high weight which is hazardous and harmful to life. To come over this situation people adopt many ways for weight loss so as to look slim and smart. High weight may help in creation and/or increase in many diseases like rise in blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, etc many clinics have come into existence claiming to reduce weight and make the body slim and smart but these are only the loud claims. However, there are many ways and means for losing weight fast but these require perseverance and regularity. In the first instance it is very important that one should ensure daily 50exercise and walking fast. In addition to this one should develop a program of daily food intake i.e. to take meal in small quantities divided by different times. Breakfast is said to be the most important meal. It is proven fact that eating a low fat breakfast helps a great deal in weight loss. Thereafter one may adopt the following schedule of taking small meals: Three hours after breakfast to have another small meal, Later after three hours, one can have a Lunch of a small quantity of meal, Three hour after this have an afternoon snack and three hours later have a small supper, Three hour thereafter one can have another small snack. These small meals should be about 300 to 400 calories according to your daily requirements Taking small meals will not only keep energy level up but will also ensure keeping metabolism going all day long. This along with exercise and jogging is also effective in reducing weight. There are two most effective ways of bringing weight loss fast – one is Gastric bypass and the other is Lap Band. Gastric bypass – The gastric bypass requires stapling of the stomach to reduce it to smaller and restricted food intake. Further, the small intestine is rerouted to bypass part of the small intestine, thereby limiting the absorption of nutrients during digestion. The combination of reduced appetite and restricted absorption will help in weight loss. Gastric bypass surgery could involve some additional expenses later on as it has been experienced by many people of regaining weight and stretching out of the stomach pouch. Whosoever regains weight following gastric bypass, will opt for a secondary procedure of StomaphyX. This will be an additional expense. However, with lap band no secondary procedure will be needed. Lap Band Surgery System: The Lap Band Surgery System does not require any secondary procedure and/or any additional expenses as in case of gastric bypass. Lap Band Surgery System is the most effective and easy process (Surgery) for weight loss fast. There many people prefer to undergo this procedure to overcome the severe problems of overweight. Lap Band System is a process (Syrgery) in which a band device known as Lap Band is placed around the upper stomach. The Lap band system reduces the stomach in size and in this way, it limits the patient’s food intake which will help in weight loss fast. Lap Band procedure has been considered to be the safest and most economical way of weight loss. 1. SLOW AND STEADY WEIGHT LOSS: In Lap Band procedure slower and steadier weight loss is ensured, which is mostly recommended by the professionals in the interest of long term success of approach to health. 2. SIMPLE PROCEDURE: This is the most simplest process of surgery and takes hardly about one hour to perform. This can also be performed as an outpatient procedure. 3. LESS INVASIVE: It is placed using laparoscopic surgery, which requires small incisions and the use of cameras. 4. ADJUSTABLE AND MORE CONTROL: Lap Band device being adjustable, it becomes easier for patient and the surgeon to maintain more control over the weight loss. The device, keeping in view the progress in weight loss and according to the nutritional needs of the patient, can be inflated or deflated. 5. LESS RISK: It involves less risk as it is performed laparoscopically. This process involves less risk of dumping syndrome, in which undigested stomach contents enter the intestines too quickly causing cramps and nausea.
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By : Brent Cullen
The main reason why some people do not lose weight is that they do not realize the importance of making permanent changes in their lifestyle and sticking to them in order to achieve their weight loss goals in life.
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By : Brent Cullen
It is possible for overweight teens to lose weight by learning to live healthier by eating a proper diet and by proper exercise and learning how to keep the weight off.
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By : ray san
The article gives expert advise on how to best lose weight safe, efficient and quickly.
What is the best way to lose weight quickly?
By : Nancy D
A food addict is someone who is obsessed with food and who has lost control over their eating habits. And, although you may picture food addicts as being overweight, in reality, they can look just like you or me.
Holistic Health Practitioner
By : Rebecca J
Tesco Diets offers a great option for slimmers in the UK. With over 16 different online diet plans to choose from, you can be sure that Tesco Diets has something for you.
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